The Directive

"Better the Best" was the directive given to the multi award winning DOT design team. This compelling challenge became the overriding edict when decisions were made on choices of materials, function and aesthetics. "To Better the Best" spawned the Kimbal Engineered Range of luminaires; the culmination of the company's 47 years of experience in luminaire design, 10 years of LED design. The Kimbal Engineered range encompasses the best:

Kimbal is a commitment to the highest standards through design, development, componentery and production.

Kimbal Advantages for Building Owners

The Kimbal Engineered Range is a series of luminaires which allows building owners to significantly alter lighting requirement within building spaces. Rather than replacing complete lighting installations, Kimbal accessories can be easily added or changed to suit new tenancies and renovations. This feature, combined with the 20 year Kimbal chassis warranty, is an effective means to future proof lighting requirements.

Kimbal Advantages for Lighting Designers

Lighting Designers can choose from a large selection of options within the Kimbal Engineered range. Spotlights, fixed, adjustable and surface mounted downlights offer a variety of outputs and dimming options. A comprehensive selection of beam options and trim colours add further scope to customise installations. The easy to use configurator by DOT provides bespoke datasheets of the 15,000 Kimbal options.

Kimbal Advantages for Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contractors benefit from the ease of installing the Kimbal Engineered range of spotlights and downlights. Downlights can be quickly mounted (and if necessary removed) with the patented Kimbal mounting system. Reflectors and IP65 lens accessories can be easily fitted or changed after installation to alter light distribution and ingress. This feature also negates the need for masking downlights before painting mounting surfaces.

Kimbal Advantages for Distributors

The interchangeability of accessories and reflectors benefit distributors of the range by reducing inventory. Simple and quick assembly of Kimbal luminaires enable faster delivery times at more competitive prices.

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